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Thank you. 
01 22 09
I apologize to the other graphic makers here for the sudden decision, but I've decided to close down razzle_icons. We are all moving to separate communities it seems. This community was slowly dying anyways. Thank you for all your support. We appreciate it very much. I'm not going to delete the community, but I'm going to close the membership. All of the icon posts and tags will remain open for people to search through the posts. This community will NOT be updated anymore.

rekkoi has moved to numetto.
heyly has moved to renanoyume.
kokified has moved to cotton_cookie.
miichaan23 - I'm sorry for the sudden decision.
01 23 09 (UTC)
I'm gonna miss you guys. Thank you for making such incredible icons!
01 24 09 (UTC)
Thank you for your support!!! :D
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