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Koda → pictures of you
Hi guys, long time no update from me. I haven't been that inspired lately, so yeah.. :P

32 x Arashi
77 x KAT-TUN
4 x R&B - More to Love MV

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Koda → pictures of you
I had couple friends asking me to make a tutorial, so I thought I share some of my iconing techniques with you all.

from to

Made with Photoshop CS2
Involving Selective colouring, texture slapping, layer masking & doodling :D
It looks rather complicated but it's actually really simple. I'll explain each step in details, so don't worry :D
best with I'll say, picture with plain background..

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Koda → pictures of you
Hi all, sorry I haven't been posting for ages. Anyway I've got some random JE Icons and graphics for you all...

News 5
Arashi 4
Others 5

2 KAT-TUN (1 friends only + 1 banner)
2 Arashi (1 friends only + 1 banner)
1 NEWS (friends only)


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08 01 08 - 76 icons ❤
Jin: kewl
hello, minna!!! yup~ now it's my turn xDD
this time... more simple than before hihihii
well, enjoy minna ^__^


KAT-TUN - 40
Hey! Say! Jump - 36


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07 30 08 - 50 JE icons
Hi, all!!!^_________^
This is time for my artistic moment^^;
This batch of icons is.... hm.... little bit weird... yeah...
*not sure if somebody will ever use them*
And there is also 3 simple gifs ^^
So anyway...

Grand total - 50
Arashi - 7
Domoto Koichi - 2
NEWS - 22 + 2 gifs
Tackey&Tsubasa - 9 + 1 gif

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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Here are some love banners for you!
Sorry, they are the same style&coloring, but anyway hope you'll like them.
There are one for each member + group+ 2 Tegomassu + 1 Koyashige

Love, Love, lot's of love...Collapse )
07 19 08 - 62 JE icons
Hi there!!!
Today is our icon attack, ne?^___^
Ok, so I made lots of them for this time^^
Also there is requested icons for wakki_takki *wah, I'm so sorry, they look awful, but I'll try better next week*
and some designes loonykatt was asking for ^^

Here you'll see

Arashi - 5
Hey! Say! Jump - 3
Kat-Tun - 12
Kis-My-Ft2 - 7
Takki&Tsubasa - 14
Takizawa Hideaki - 13
Tsubasa Imai - 8

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Jin: kewl
hello!!! miita desu. firstly, i wanna say sorry because i'm very late to post here. well, i must prepare hard for my exams to entrance the college >____<
anyway.... here it is my icons and banners. enjoy tanoshinde ^___________^

icons :
[20x] KAT-TUN

FO banners :
[5x] Hey! Say! Jump

preview :

Koda → pictures of you

14 o7 o8 =D

Happy birthday Ashley! Our dearest friend! May all your dreams and wishes come true! I made you an Uedalicious birthday banner :D you can drool on. Haha. Well, I hope you’ll have a fantastic and Ueda filled day :D Happy birthday!!

With love,
Kokified aka Evelyn 

Happy Birthday Ashley!!! ^__________^
I wish that you'll be healthy and happy all the time. And i hope you can meet your lovely ichiban, Uepi desu !!!! XDDD Wish you all the best!! One more time, happy birthday Ashley~

With hugs,
Miichaan23 aka Miita

Happy birthday, Ashley!!! 
I wish that you could be healthy, happy, cheerful, beautiful girl forever! Hope all your dreams will come true! And the one you love can be near you!! Happy Birthday!!! ^________^

With love,
Heyly aka Lena 
07 05 08 - How to credit

We are really glad that you enjoy and want to use them! But all we ask is that you give up credit when using one of our icons or graphics. It's really easy to credit. Here is a quick tutorial.

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