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01 22 09 - Thank you.
I apologize to the other graphic makers here for the sudden decision, but I've decided to close down razzle_icons. We are all moving to separate communities it seems. This community was slowly dying anyways. Thank you for all your support. We appreciate it very much. I'm not going to delete the community, but I'm going to close the membership. All of the icon posts and tags will remain open for people to search through the posts. This community will NOT be updated anymore.

rekkoi has moved to numetto.
heyly has moved to renanoyume.
kokified has moved to cotton_cookie.
miichaan23 - I'm sorry for the sudden decision.
Koda → pictures of you
Hiya Guys,

I'm afraid to say I'm also leaving this community too. I'd like to thank you for your love and support during my time here. I appreciate it lots :D

If you're interested you can look at my future works at my new solo icon community cotton_cookie. There's nothing but my older works at the moment, but I'm working on a new batch and will post it up either tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks a lot guys.
01 13 09 - More changes
Hi, people!!
Sorry, but I'm leaving this community too. I think that I'm a big girl already and I can handle own community, right? ^___^
So if you want to see my future works, please visit renanoyume 


This batch supposed to be with only 30 icons when I started it, but they turned my internet off again.....
so, here is my biggest batch ever only for Changmin!^____^

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Here, please!!Collapse )
12 16 08 - textures set 1


size: 100x100
format: png
made with PS CS3
please comment & enjoy!

This is ainekaikan. I switched journals. This is also my first time making icon textures.
So any comments are appreciated. I'm working on requests. They will be up in a few days.
12 02 08 - DBSK graphics
Hello again!
Gues it's my time to post something! ~__^
But this time it's some DBSK ^^
Hope you'll like it!
68 - icons
3 - headers
Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket
click-click.....Collapse )
Koda → pictures of you
Hi everyone, it's been awhile since I last post. Anyway, I got some random icons for you. These are pretty much all the icons that been sitting on my computer for a month or so. I'm not even going to try to organize or count them, since I'm such a lazy person :P But please enjoy!!

gahhh... sorry for the icon spammage..Collapse )
Koda → pictures of you

I found this when I cleared out some of the old stuff on my photobucket yesterday, I thought I share. Beware of the crappiness, I made it around a year ago :P The lyrics was from Mika's song "Happy Ending"

1024 x 768 here

Comments are loved if taking ♥ :D
Today I have a really great day – today is my Birthday ^___^
So I want to share my joy with you.
I made this batch as a present from me to you.
*I know that it’s simple, most of icons are just coloring and some textures, but anyway…*
Hope you’ll like them ^__^

Total: 92
Hayami Mocomichi - 22
Kat-Tun - 29
Kis-My-ft2 - 7
Matsuda Satoshi - 8
Mizushima Hiro - 9
Nagase Tomoya - 4
Question - 5
Toma Ikuta - 3
WaT - 5

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Here they are....Collapse )
Really sorry for delay!!!
And here are finished requests for aprettyeternity and ainekaikan
Hope you'll like them...
If you don't like something than tell me and I'll fix it! ^___^
click here...Collapse )
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